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March 27, 2023:

For the next joint group meeting of our newly formed PRAirie CogniTive agents and Robotics (PRACToR) Lab and the Theory of Computing Research Group (TCRG) at the U of R, Maryam Rostamigiv will give a presentation on her earlier work on the unification problem. The meeting will be held in the Math/CS Lounge from 2pm to 3pm on Monday, April 18. Please invite interested students, postdocs, or faculty along as you see fit.

Below are abstract and title of the talk.

The unification problem in logic

The unification problem is a fundamental concept in logic, computer science, and artificial intelligence, with applications spanning from automated theorem proving, knowledge representation and reasoning. This talk will provide an overview of my previous works on the unification problem, exploring its many facets, challenges.

The unification problem in modal logics refers to the process of finding a substitution that, when applied to a given formula containing variables, makes a provable formula. Note that in the context of a unification problem, a substitution is mapping from a variable to a formula. It is important to note that the complexity of the unification problem in modal logics varies depending on the specific modal logic being used. Different modal logics have different axioms, inference rules, and modal operators, which can impact the unification problem's complexity and decidability.