Recent Publications By Members

S.M. Khan and M. Rostamigiv

On Explaining Agent Behaviour via Root Cause Analysis: A Formal Account Grounded in Theory of Mind

In Proc. ECAI-23, 2023 (to appear)

A.M. Farid and M. Mouhoub

Evolutionary Mapping with Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

In Proc. SMC-22, pages 1443-1449, 2022

B. Banihashemi, S.M. Khan, and M. Soutchanski

From Actions to Programs as Abstract Actual Causes

In Proc. AAAI-22, pages 5470-5478, 2022

S.M. Khan and Y. Lespérance

Knowing Why: On the Dynamics of Knowledge about Actual Causes in the Situation Calculus

In Proc. AAMAS-21, pages 701-709, 2021

S.M. Khan and M. Soutchanski

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Actual Root Causes

In Proc. ECAI-20, pages 800-808, 2020